KITA DOUBLETREE Mattress (4 inch), Natural Latex + Rubberized Coconut Fibre


Size: Single (4 inch)

Single (4 inch)
Super Single (4 inch)
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Our DOUBLETREE mattress is designed for natural you in mind. Five key features make it the perfect fit for your life : Dual Feel, 100% Natural, Durable, Safe and Temperature Regulated.

DUAL FEEL - Our Dual-Sided mattress is the best of both worlds. One side natural latex, one side coconut fibre. You can choose to sleep either on the softer latex or medium-feel elastic coconut fibre by simply flipping your mattress, whichever suits your preferences at the time. 

100% NATURAL - The sleep of your dreams awaits you on this environmentally friendly mattress. Free from synthetic materials, KITA DOUBLETREE mattress is made from natural rubber and coconut fibre by harnessing the power of rubber tree and coconut tree, so you can enjoy the ultimate sustainable sleep experience.

DURABLE - Natural Latex And Coconut Fibre are durable, breathable and resilient, making them a perfect choice for all your sleeping needs. The materials are LGA-tested to last as long as 10 years.

SAFE - Safety has always been our number one priority. Our Natural Latex and Coconut Fibre are certified to be free of harmful chemicals. It’s also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to dust mites—another great benefit for anyone with allergies or respiratory challenges.

TEMPERATURE REGULATED - The inner structure of rubberised coir and tiny pinholes of natural latex allow air to circulate through the mattress. In combination with breathable cotton cover, KITA DOUBLETREE is well ventilated helping you regulate body temperature and stay comfortable at all times.


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Single (4 inch), Super Single (4 inch)