KITA DoubleBase Mattress (13 inch), Natural Latex + Solid Foam


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Super Single
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  • KITA make simple and honest mattresses. We don’t claim that we produce the “best” mattress nor exaggerate the “technology” of our mattresses. The best mattress is the mattress that suits you. Some people prefer more firm while some softer. From our experience, almost all customers are looking for a comfortable mattress that lasts long. And we simply choose the better materials in making the best mattress that you deserve.
  • Our DOUBLEBASE mattress is designed for sturdy you in mind. Five key features make it the perfect fit for your life : Dual Feel, Resilient, Durable, Safe and Temperature Regulated.
  1. DUAL FEEL - Our Dual-Sided mattress is the best of both worlds. One side natural latex, one side KITA Solid Foam. You can choose to sleep either on the medium-firm feel latex or firm-feel solid foam by simply flipping your mattress, whichever suits your preferences at the time. 
  2. RESILIENT - Our high density NATURAL LATEX comes with conformability, pressure relief and responsiveness. This means the mattress feels amazingly comfortable yet quickly adapts to your movements so your body can enjoy its unmatched resiliency for many years. 
  3. DURABLE - KITA SOLID FOAM was put through a durability test by TÜV Rheinland LGA. The test concluded that our mattress’s height merely reduced by 0.16 inch after 60,000 times stroking and 150 kg of force applied to the mattress which is equivalent to 10 years of daily 8 hours of usage.
  4. SAFE - Safety has always been our number one priority. Our Natural Latex and KITA Solid Foam are tested and certified to be free of harmful chemicals.
  5. TEMPERATURE REGULATED - There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sweaty. That’s why we chose to use TENCEL fabric and more breathable cotton fabric to help disperse excess body heat, regulate the temperature and keep you cool.
  • We partner with furniture movers to deliver directly to you. We will do our best to meet your desired delivery schedule. 
  • Due to reasons such as no direct lift access & not able to fit into the lift, $10 per item per floor surcharge applies for deliveries to Level 2 and above. An additional $30 surcharge applies when the delivery team needs to install the lift protection pad. $50 per item will be charged for the disposal of bulky items. Customers who stay in private properties, i.e. condominiums, need to complete proper paperwork such as consent letters from the relevant body.
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